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Baby changeling motivational by DarkonShadows
Baby changeling motivational
They are really adorable babies, plus their assault on their queen with love is just as adorable to watch.

Would they be Pupa, Larva or Grubs? They came out of those eggs partially encased in cocoons, so would that be quarter larva quarter pupa and half pony? Who cares they don't look all too dangerous, but the ones crawling through Chrysalis's leg holes does prove that those holes are part of their anatomy. Look at their tiny little hooves!
Motivational Thorax by DarkonShadows
Motivational Thorax
You know when the changeling went to the wedding you'd think more ponies would pay attention to it's presence, completely undisguised yet complete calm and nothing came of it. Even when Celestia and Luna were there, they didn't do anything, even Twilight and her friends had to have seen it. That was Thorax's cousin living in Ponyville with the dark blue carapace. Then again seeing unusual things in Ponyville is common, even when you have the princess of love in the same room as that changeling.

Then you have Thorax, a guy who was being racially profiled to the extreme. Then again Cadence and Shining do have some points of exciting a panic over the sight of a single changeling, one who is likely not even capable of mind control. He has a dark green carapace. Cadence and Shining had all their forces running around in a panic, which is the kind of situation you could use to sneak in a spy. They are not really good at ruling over a kingdom if they are this easy to panic and they've had months at it, heck they hadn't even been able to confirm a changeling until Spike brought it to them.
Motivational Coriander Cumin by DarkonShadows
Motivational Coriander Cumin
He's got spice, but little in the ways of sugar or nice that Pinkie probably does as he's a no nonsense kind of guy. He's a realist and doesn't think anyone is interested in the business venture, most likely because ponies have a herd mentality that makes them as bad as Sheeple in only going for restaurants with good reviews. He was willing to cash in the chips, but in the end he at least gave it a chance to try looking at things differently.

I would like to point out that Rarity didn't learn her lesson from when Sassy Saddles did this to her by forcefully changing the business from what it wanted to be to something it wasn't. As such Rarity comes off as somewhat of a hypocrite in 'Spice Of life', she didn't even draw a comparison to the fact that she became what Sassy Saddles did to her to what she was doing to Coriander Cumin.

I would also like to point out that there are a lot of stallions with young daughters around Rarity. If it happens one more time and it involves Rarity and business, then it's not a coincidence as it will actually be a thing of common occurrence for Rarity to meet a father and daughter family unit.
Motivational Saffron Masala by DarkonShadows
Motivational Saffron Masala
I still don't understand Zesty Gourmands name, it seems counter productive to not try new things and then give them an honest opinion on how they taste for you. The sense of taste is a wonderful and cruel mistress, but honestly Zesty doesn't quite live up to the pickles as her sense of taste must be incredibly bizarre to others. I know my sense of taste is different, considering I have a taste for sweet and salty whereas spicy just plain hurts me.

Can anyone honestly say that the Tasty Treat doesn't sounds like an innuendo waiting to happen?
Motivational Face Of Evil by DarkonShadows
Motivational Face Of Evil
Is it funny that I fear a candy colored equine? One that I believe to be an evil mastermind and 'Enchantress' if you will. I even think she is the main FOE of the Etrian Odyssey series.


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Darkon Arters Shadows
United States
(Profile pic provided by Karidyas)

Cupcakes are Evil! Cows are more evil! Life is just cruel as evil is a necessary part of it! Thus I'm supposedly evil if I'm part of life.

Words to know and quote: Anything is possible and nothing is impossible; if nothing were possible, then nothing there would be.

Hit: Idea's and concepts.

Miss: Being unoriginal with an idea or concept in the form of a parody. (Really they should either be A. funny or B. entirely different from the actual story being parodied)

Passtime: Reading what other people write. (Over ten trillion words served and not just fan fiction either, actual books were read.) Watching youtube Let's Plays.(Everything from A to Z in video games) Writing, whenever I feel like it and recently for the MLP-WTG group.

Gender: ???.
Current Residence: Center of nowhere. (Courage the Cowardly dog would know how I feel.)
Favourite genre of music: Techno, rock and video game soundtracks. Sometimes pop.
Favourite style of art: Random and or silly things.
Operating System: Can't seem to fix it.(well my previous two or three computers anyway, this current one is fine)
MP3 player of choice: Lost it halfway through a fight with some final fantasy heroes. (The black mage cudgled me from behind)
Shell of choice: 30MM, oh wait you meant turtles right? (No I don't have a tank you can borrow so don't ask.)
Wallpaper of choice: A Melting Twinkie, recently Derpy Hooves.
Color of choice: I like green and blue.
Favourite cartoon character: Felix the cat, Scrooge Mcduck, Goselyn Mallard, Bartok(Anastasia), Gleep and Gloop(Herculoids if you aren't familiar), Blooregard Q. Kazoo, Freakazoid, CandleJ'AKE', Coco, Vash the stampede, a Magby, Excel, Pinkie Pie, Foxglove, Dale, Bugs Bunny from the old shorts version, Wile E. Coyote, Dick Dastardly, Road Runner, Derpy Hooves, Sound Wave(Transformers), Dino Bot(Beast Wars), Bob(Reboot), Ash Ketchum though I hate to admit it, Gilda the Griffin, Snidely Whiplash, Cooler(Pound Puppies, the old ones), Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

Is knowledgeable on many subjects. All of which includes: Video Games, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cartoons, Monsters, Movies(a good bit of horror, 'Darkness Falls' anyone?), TV Mystery shows with possible horror themes (Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Goose bumps, 'Are you afraid of the dark?' and Tales of the dark side. Every episode of Scooby Doo... ever... as far back as the laff-a-lympics were still running, plus any cartoon movie that happened to appear on TV.) and how to be supposedly Evil.

Is recently obsessed with MLP Friendship is Magic, having watched the G1 series and considers the revamp to be in great taste.

Is a raocow follower. Pits were made to be explored, OH MAN!

Has seen lightning spheres in a rain storm. Has caused a microwave and some computers to explode. Has taken a crash course in psychology with a bunch of laughing hyenas.(To be taken halfway litterally, didn't really learn much because of it.) Has been in several car wrecks with some close calls to dying without any really serious injury. (IE trapped on some train tracks with an approaching train, having a tanker nearly hit your vehicle while trapped on a highway after a wreck, busted glass with face in a passenger seat when breaks were slammed.) Is thoroughly surprised people can remember the existance of it, even in a fond light. Understands that age doesn't matter where cruelty that can be done is concerned, except from ages one to six of whom don't know any better. Is well aware of many writing techniques and half of them are quite useless to the person personally, but happens to be really good advice. Is not a great artist or a great writer, but has great idea's. Has seen a double rainbow. Has seen a pig fly. (Off a roof, but the pork chops afterwards weren't too bad. It happened twice in fact, the second pig was hit by a car and hard enough to send it sailing, it lived to oink again.) Has been to renaissance fairs and loves the culture as much as the food involved. (Cow steak on a stick with ribboned potatoes in seasoning salt.) Has watched two people juggle a can of spam. (For what it's worth, the 'jawbone of an ass' is just as funny.) Has experienced Godzilla movies and can relate to his/her/hermaphrodite frustration with war machines. (Really they built mecha-godzilla?) Still enjoys the Rescue Rangers to this day as much as Ducktales and Darkwing Duck. Has somehow become inebriated on six rapidly drunken cans of coca-cola; ended up causing a five day bender, it isn't a joke caffeine really does that to me as a being. (Caffeine in high concentrations makes me sick, if I drink moutain dew, its expected of me to toss cookies soon and not of the sugary variety.) Has never tasted alchohol. Has never smoked, but knows a person who are missing their bottom row gumline because of it. Has successfully made a fool of itself many a time, but tends not to care. Is somewhat lonely, knows only family and acquaintances. Has a strong; sometimes unreasonable, disposition against cows and finds them humorously and deliciously evil. Still can't beat "Little Kings Story" on Tyrant Mode, due to a certain sugary french king that makes Pinkie Pie's sugar addiction look like an everyday thing. Has gotten his name into a comic, literally 'Darkon Shadows' in the form of a reader question. Has managed to affect others minutely in strange ways. Most certainly did not create the term "Colt Cuddler" under the sign of Anonymous on Equestria Daily. Might have been partially responsible for the 'Pinkazoid' songs eventual existence.(When you cross Pinkie Pie with CandleJ'AKE', you know someone is eventually going to do something amusing because of said crossing.)

Personal Quote: Cupcakes Are Evil!

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A New Breed is one of those stories I could't help but leave my unique commentary on it, I should probably be favoriting every single chapter. I'm just waiting for the final chapter before I actually do that, I really should do more on Deviantart sometimes.

Note: It took me a while to write this comment; mostly in part to being consistently distracted, will favorite the two other cupcake pics after this comment.
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I didn't know you were going to use it as a DevID pic, I can upload a higher resolution if you want.

I've never done a GIF before but I'm learning Flash right now, so it'll be good practice. I've already got an idea.

Yep, A New Breed is pretty great alright.
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I'm still editing my newest chapter of Postal Ponies, I'm working on a cavalcade of pony story idea's to lay out for anyone who needs an imagination jumpstart. The entire point of the cavalcade is that it might be an insight into how many distracting ideas I have going through my warped mind at any given time and it my flush my system of ponies for a while by overdosing.

I'm pretty certain I'm Darkon Arters Shadows, supposedly evil monster who is randomly very knowledgable, yet highly incompetent.
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